Soul Safari/Two Beat Beast (SoulFire)

Its My Thing/Up The Down (Timmion)

Aint Going to Thursford (Kennel Klub)

Time For Change/Accra International Airport/Descarga d’Escargot (Kennel Klub)

Wait Up/Foot and Mouth (Kennel Klub)

You Know You Can (Just Do It) / Crew Cut (Kennel Klub)

Work It Out / City Strut (Freestyle)

At The Speakeasy / Dapper Dan (Freestyle)

Power Generation (Record Kicks)

Funky Miracle / Lazy Susan (Raw Wax)

Take a Chance/Main Man (Freestyle)

Same Old Thing/Am I Your Woman (Freestyle)

Answer to Mother Popcorn (Freestyle 7″)

No Man Worries/The Real Me (DJ Format remixes) (Freestyle 7″)

Again and Again / Again and Again (DJ Format remix) (Freestyle 12″)

Lover and a Friend / Pucker Up (Freestyle 7″)

The Shakedown (Say Yeah) / Dragging Me Down (Freestyle 7″)

Happy / Orisha (Freestyle 7″)

African Bushfire / Tomahawk ( KPM Music limited 7″)


This Is Speedometer vol 1 (Blow It Hard)

This Is Speedometer vol 2 (Blow it Hard)

Digging Deeper (Freestyle)

4 Flights Up (Japan – P-Vine LP/CD)

4 Flights Up (UK – Freestyle LP/CD)

Soul Groovin’ – Speedometer Live (Japan – P-Vine LP/CD)

Soul Groovin’ – Speedometer Live (UK – Freestyle LP/CD)

The Shakedown (Japan – P-Vine LP/CD)

The Shakedown (UK – Freestyle LP/CD)

Speedometer Gold (Japan – P-Vine CD)

This Is Speedometer Vol 1 & 2 (Re-issue) (Freestyle CD)

Soul Overdue – Martha High & Speedometer (Freestyle/P-Vine CD/LP)

No Turning Back – Speedometer feat. James JuniorĀ (Freestyle/P-Vine CD/LP)

Downtown Funk ’74 (KPM Production Music – Digital Only)

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No Turning Back

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